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Why Do I Need Software Leverage?

If you’re like most engineering-oriented organizations, your core competencies involve your research area or the products you design.  You know what others have previously done in your field, and you are pushing the envelope to be first with a new discovery or a better product.

For you, software is probably a distracting sideline.  You may be able to cobble together software if you really have to, but building software takes your time away from what you're really good at.  And software projects tend to leave you frustrated: they take more time than you expect, and there are lots of tedious issues to deal with before things work right.  Sometimes, they never really do.

You may have thought about hiring software contractors, but most don't have the specialized background in your field that they'd need to do a competent job.  Even if you get a contractor trained, they probably wouldn't be available for the next project, and you'd have to start all over again.

No answer has been right. Until now.

What Can Software Leverage Do For Me?

With Software Leverage, you don’t have to struggle to build the application you need in-house, because we’ll build it for you. We’re the experts in building complex software, and we’ve got an extensive track record and a Certified Partner designation from Microsoft to back it up.

With Software Leverage as your partner, you capitalize on a seasoned team who will work with you to define the project goals, to deliver the most effective results and to provide the necessary level of support throughout the complete life cycle of the project. Our group of full-time practiced professionals assures you of the best strategic, operational and technical support for your critical project.

If you need quality software services now, please call us directly at (781) 894-3399, send us e-mail at solutions@sli.com, or FAX us a message at (781) 894-6233. There is NO CHARGE for an initial consultation or for us to prepare a detailed proposal and bid for you.

Software Services for Small Businesses


Software Leverage can also show you the benefits of Artisoft's award-winning TeleVantage telephone system.  For small to midsize businesses, Artisoft TeleVantage is a feature-rich software-based phone system delivering greater value and future-proof architecture to lower total cost of ownership.

For more information about TeleVantage, contact us today at (781) 894-3399 or via email at solutions@sli.com.


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